Monday, February 25, 2013


In order to get my visa, I had to get a checkup to make sure I wasn't choc-full of diseases. When I told my doctor where I was going, he had only one thing to say to me: visit Bruges! And doctors can't be wrong can they?!

The first canal we came to. It was so beautiful. So was the rest of the town. This post will be mostly pictures because there's only so much I can say. Basically, Bruges is the most beautiful city in the entire world. It is full of cobblestones, old houses, intricate churches, canals, nice cars, and, of course, a lot of friends to share it with!

For Dad: Bruges wasn't full of bikes like Amsterdam is (that might be because it was freezing),
but there were bike lanes everywhere, including lots of contraflow lanes like this one .

The Markt, i.e. the big square downtown.

In my opinion, the absolute coolest thing in the city. Bruges is known for its crocheted lace, and this was a ten foot tall map of the city made out of crocheted lace! It is so detailed it even includes street names. I was blown away by it.

If you have good eyes you can see that behind the map is a canal, and across the canal a row of brick houses.

We stopped for fries and beers at a nice restaurant near a thrift store that we spent a good amount of time perusing.

Trying on hats and looking at pretty birds in the thrift shop. I bough a Mickey/Minnie Mouse pillow, Kaan got a scarf because he was so cold.

Terrible picture, but these little birds had such colorful chests, I especially
loved the teal chested one on the left.

We saw this house and decided we wanted to live here one day:

Welcome Home!!

In our future neighborhood people park their bikes on the street and leave
them there all day.
Like I did in Davis, CA, modelling the width of a street using my body


We needed two more people to achieve victory!

Giving a rousing speech from 50 feet up

This house was just like the house from Death of a
Salesman and I loved it.

Freshly made in front of us. I got chocolate all over my beard and somehow
a bit ended up up by my ear.

Kaan enjoyed his too

Italian sized coffee

Some people were fed up with my camera by the end of the day

Rapunzel's twin brother, Bropunzel?

I regret not trying one of these chocolate covered oranges. 

Completely by chance, after taking about four wrong turns, Canada and I stumbled upon this beauty.

I came home 40 euros poorer, but with quite the haul.
Postcards, shoes, incense (don't ask, Canada's fault), a pillow, two things for
my key chain, and a pint of delicious cider.

I got home just in time for the perfect end to the perfect day: the first Spring Training game, on thanks to Salim and Katrina!

Jonny Gomes, probably our new platoon left fielder, ceding most time to Daniel Nava. Rays radio commentators during the game today, however, seem to think he should start and that he will do some damage. His career 109 OPS+ tempers those expectations a bit.

I didn't even care that I had to watch "vintage" Lackey load the bases before he recorded an out, or that we lost: Red Sox baseball is Red Sox baseball. Also Iggy absolutely hammered a high fastball over the Faux Monster, so I'm gonna go ahead and fall head first for that red herring. When he's hitting .248 in June at Pawtucket you can say, "I told you so!"


  1. You should have named your blog Beautiful Barnabas Betakes Belgium. You just look so gorgeous with your facial hair!

  2. Bashful would have worked too! I'm just really lovin the look