Friday, February 22, 2013


One of the best things about being in Europe is getting a chance to eat some new, delicious foods. Every day I encounter something different and I almost always love it.

First, I live with Marco, who is from a small town near Rome. And boy can he cook. He always says that cooking calms him down, puts his mind at ease, and he has an apron in every house: one here, one at his parents house, one at his grandmother's house. Marco cooks every day and almost always invites everyone he can to join him.

I also eat out a little bit. My favorite thing to buy is a mitraillette (literally, a machine gun), which is a baguette sliced open, lathered in sauce, lined with lettuce, onions, carrots, etc, filled with meat, and then covered in french fries (some places will put some more sauce on top of the fries). Maison Antoine in Etterbeek is the best known "fritkot" (french fry place), but you can find good fries and good mitraillettes anywhere in the city, including a nice store 1 block from my house.

I also get a ton of other good food all the time. Don't be too jealous:

 Rachele (Italian) made a delicious omelette with potatoes at Simone's birthday celebration

Eeva and Minttu enjoy some delicious coffee after failing to do so in McDonalds.

The Carrefours Express by my house has fresh orange juice, where you can see the oranges being squeezed right in front of you. Delicious.

If you've ever been to the science museum tell me this doesn't make you think of that huge
ball thing that everyone would stand and stare at for hours on end.

I don't even know what kind of cheese this is, but it looked good at Carrefours so I bought it. That was two days ago. Now it's gone.

On a lazy Monday I grabbed a snack at Carrefours and watched Disney movies all day.

I was convinced to go to a club last Saturday because it promised free food. Needless to say, the presentation was impeccable, if the servings were a little small.

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