Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cologne (Koln)

This past weekend me and 15 other students from Saint Louis took a bus a few hours east to Cologne, Germany (i.e. Koln, Deutschland). We spent one night in a hostel, and spent the rest of our time doing one of 4 things:

Hostel: It was called the Black Sheep Hostel, was very clean and nice, 10 minutes from downtown on the tram. It also had bright, creatively decorated rooms:

Decorations in the sheep room

1. Looking at/taking pictures of/exploring/admiring the "Dom" which is an enormous cathedral in the center of Cologne.

Marco happy to be in Germany

Laure, the Belgian who organized the trip

Alina, from the roof of the art museum

Luca, same spot (duh)

2. Visiting museums: the chocolate museum and the modern art museum. I got pictures of some art but all I got from the chocolate museum was chocolate.

This looks like something I would've made as a 5 year old
Just read the bottom one there
Can you see the beans in the background
I really wanted to grab the beans and run back to the hostel and cook em

3. Walking around the city

This guy was driving about 3 miles/hour and didn't seem
to understand why I wanted a picture of his car.
The wind got the better of Minttu

But Hind kept warm the European way
About half of our group:
Eeva, Alina, Vanessa, and Luca in the front
Half of Minttu, Arnaud, and a bit of Inaki's head in the back

I told Minttu and Inaki I needed more of them in my next picture

Flower market
Among other things
This reminded me of the van we drove in Holland in '98
Alina and Minttu
Andi and Marco
Eeva and Luca

Giving Alina a piggyback ride to warm up

Love locks on the bridge
I couldn't resist
Alina and me doing our best not to show how cold we are

Marco and Inaki have a laugh while we wait for the tram

4. The real highlight: eating German food and trying German beers

Eeva with a large bratwurst

Koln specialty: "Curry-wurst" which is a sausage in a curry sauce
Note:  what they call curry is actually barbecue sauce. 
2 Berliner 1.00
Chocolate almond pretzels and berliners
Dimitri, me, Luca, Marco, and Inaki on the left
Minttu, Eeva, Alina, Andi, and Vanessa on the right
At the time I didn't even notice we divided ourselves by gender

Pig knuckle
Luca went to town on it
Dimitri and I share a large meatloaf
The meatloaf came with a fried egg
Onion soup too 
Tomato soup
My onion soup
Marco's steak
Eeva's baked potato. Next time I go to Germany that's what I'm getting
Hind, Vanessa, Inaki, and Marco relaxing
Koln is famous for it's Kolsch beer, and this was Gaffel Kolsch.
It was delicious
Yeah, we also ate at Burger King. Fast food places there don't charge for
sauce and let you get your own drink. As it should be. And the McDonald's
there had Monopoly. I felt right at home.


The number 1 most exciting part of the entire trip: Walking around downtown, I looked up and saw


My European friends couldn't understand why I was excited, but after 2 months without a single bagel I was ready to make up for lost time. In the 36 hours we spent in Cologne, I purchased 4 bagels and 2 donuts. I resisted the urge to get a Vanilla Bean Coolatta. 

With my Boston and Koln specialties, a happy camper
Last thing: I shaved (obviously), so here is me with my longest beard ever

I sorta miss it

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