Monday, March 18, 2013


Really quickly, to "borrow" from a translation of Eeva's blog post about Amsterdam

"The city is käsitämättömän clean (no debris, no beggars, no dog poo ...)"
(Note*: I don't speak Finnish, and Google can't tell me what "käsitämättömän" means, but I'm going to assume we could replace it with any of the following: extremely, very, incredibly, unbelievably, wicked, amazingly, perfectly, hella, or shockingly.)

"Every single street corner again I sighed deeply, and I wondered how any city can be so wonderful?"
Very true.

"[We] just walked around, which is perhaps the best way to explore this delightful city - if you see a nice and interesting street, go there"
I'm nodding in agreement.

"Beautiful houses, beautiful people, coffee shops on every corner, restaurants, flowers everywhere , housing boats ... ahh."
Now Google Translate could use some help, but otherwise this is a perfect summary of Amsterdam:

*I have solved the mystery. While "käsitämättömän" does not mean anything, käsittämättömän means either "incomprehensibly" or "unaccountably," so I was close enough.

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  1. ....and what would the human kind do these days without Google Translate? :D nice work barney, I appreciate being quoted!