Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Monday, just for fun, I got on a train for Luxembourg, with Maite, Vanessa, Marco, Lera, Eeva, and Eeva's sister Anna and her friend Wilma.

Highlights include:
a huge park in the middle of the city, built around the old city's outer wall/bunkers
a large open air market
everything being really expensive, even McDonald's
realizing Luxembourgish is a language

Our first view from the train station

The train station itself

Phone booths!

Sharrows and bike paths

Beautiful park
And bridge
The whole goup!
Anna, Marco, me, Maite, Vanessa, Lera, Eeva, Wilma
We thought this might be a castle - turns out it's a bank

This originally was built after WWI, but then went through
a lot: Nazis took it down in 1940, then it went back up, then
it was stolen, but finally in the 80's it was found and restored
Old church downtown
So green and bright

Marco looking cool

Notice it doesn't say "free" anywhere...still better than Brussels

My future store?

Tons of families enjoying the sun on Easter Monday

They also had a shrimp special
Huge birdhouse

Cotton candy and popcorn all over the market

Flowers too

Bunny shaped pastries

Typical vendor selling unique, handmade, pointless, cute knick-knacks 

Bad day in Florida? Good day almost anywhere else!

Eeva, Vanessa, Marco, Maite, and Lera

So excited for Opening Day

Anna, Lera, Marco, and Wilma jumping with me

Wilma, Eeva, and Lera
I did lots of climbing up the rock walls...everyone
else told me I was gonna fall and die, but they didn't
grow up climbing up LemonSqueeze every summer
So excited!
Lera jumping on the Red Sox bandwagon
She dropped the ball but she did not fall into the river

Pretty empty river
I think these are called sluices?

Lera, Eeva, Anna, Wilma, and Marco

And when we got back to Brussels:

My first drink as a legal American

And victory over the Yankees

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