Monday, April 15, 2013

My Life In 27 Exclamation Points

What have I been up to? Why haven't I posted in a while?
My spring break went like this:

Friday 29th: Yay! No school for the next 2 weeks!

Sunday 31st: Easter! BBQ! My birthday! Game of Thrones! Ahhhh!

Monday 1st: Luxembourg! Red Sox - Yankees! Woohoo baseball!

Weds 3rd: Fly to Budapest! Meet Kristine and Danielle and have a blast!
Have an absolutely amazing time in Budapest with American friends! (Pictures to come!)
Thursday 11th: Back to :(

Saturday 13th: Watch Brussels Kangaroos baseball! They won! Talked to coach and he still wants me to play! Meet Fat Boy's owner and his friend!

Sunday 14th: Perfect weather: 72 and sunny! Church! Football after church! BBQ with other exchange students! Off to Parc Cinquantenaire to play soccer! To Fat Boy's to watch the Sox play! (Turns out my baseball coach is also a bartender! Owner was there and was really nice! Buchholz pitched 8 shut-out innings!)

So basically my life is in a good place. I'll post a lot more about Budapest when I have a free hour or three. Lots and lots and lots of pictures to come.

For now I'm off to watch the Patriot's Day game at Fat Boy's - Go Sox!

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