Wednesday, May 1, 2013

London Weekend!

This past weekend I went to London with Eeva, Minttu, Monika, Andi, and Heni, and we had a blast: we saw so many famous sights, ate tons of delicious food (and candy), rode double decker buses on the left side of the road, watched football matches on TV, and spoke lots and lots of English!

Adam Smith on the 20 pound note
Our hostel, the Steam Engine
A rainbow and a castle tower
Big Ben
In St. James' Park
Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey
Big Ben and the Eye
The Eye is about 25 feet to the girls' left, Big Ben
and Parliament are on the other side of the Thames
Trafalgar Square: how many buses do you see?
Our hostel was near the Eye, and we had to pass it to go just about anywhere, so we saw it all the time. We also went up it on Sunday morning.
The Eye at night
And in daytime
Halfway up the Eye

Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Totteham Hotspur's stadium, White Hart Lane, in North London.
On my way to White Hart Lane
Almost there
Found it!
In the manager's seat where he hold press conferences.
Fun fact: Only two players actually signed in the post-game press room, most go to another, bigger venue a few miles away, The two exceptions were David Bentley, who thought it would be symbolic as his family were Spurs fans, and Roman Pavlyuchenko, who was driving to the other location but got lost, and so drove to the stadium to ask for directions. Unfortunately the deadline to sign was less than an hour away, so the contract was faxed to the stadium and he signed there.

Is it just me or does my tour guide look like Harry Redknapp?
Away locker rooms in the EPL must have 3 things: hooks to hang the jerseys, showers, and a clock. There was a huge discrepancy between the locker rooms: the visitors' room was exactly what I had to deal with as a Division III athlete: small, cramped, ugly, not enough showers for the whole team, etc. The home dressing room, while not up to American professional standards, at least had drinks in a fridge, snacks, a few tables, enough showers for the whole team, a speaker system, and a separate room for the manager.
Strict rules

This magazine was sitting on a
table in the visiting locker room

The clock in the Spur's dressing room.
Looks a lot like a clock in my house actually

With the original cockerel
 I went back toward downtown and met the girls just as they were sitting down to the most classically British meal ever. It was very good, obviously.

Maybe we all just transfer to this school:
the University College of London
Platform 9 3/4
I'm a Hufflepuff 

Riding a bus home because we were exhausted
Beautiful pedestrian bridge
The Globe Theatre
The scarf I'm wearing is a Tottenham one I bought on Sunday
A ship just chilling on the South Bank
Walked past this museum that looked very interesting

Monday morning: After walking along the river for a couple miles we got to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London
It still opens over 1000 times per year to let ships through

Tower of London

Ben and Jerry's!
The original stock market in London

Very close to the stock market: Bank of England

Minttu has her first Chipotle
Shocker: she couldn't finish her burrito in one sitting

Forget TJ Maxx, they have TK Maxx!

I found Dance with Dragons, paperback, in
the London School of Economics bookstore.
Here I'm reading in Hyde Park
Update: Pictures from Eeva's and Andi's cameras

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