Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Last Goodbye

Yesterday I invited all my new friends over for a low-key goodbye party. We ate some food (mostly chips and ice cream) and tried a couple beers from local Belgian breweries, but mostly we chatted late into the night. The only thing I've ever experienced like this is the last night at Chop Point where we all hang out in the dining hall; fortunately, there were less tears last night than a typical end-of-camp party.

My roommates also surprised me with a going away gift bag: a couple Belgium/Saint Louis shirts, a Belgian flag they had all signed, and a key chain. I was really surprised and obviously touched by the gifts.

My camera got hijacked and a billion pictures taken, mostly by Benita and Camille.
Here are the highlights:

Julian signing my flag

Camille doing the same

Camille and Benita

Local beer

Julian, Camille, and Celeste

Eating Doritos with Sophie and Kenta

Me with the 2 Camilles

Sophie, Kenta, and Mathilde

Kenta, Mathilde, Helene, Julian

The whole dorm:
Me, Sophie, Julian, Mathilde, Helene, Raphael, Ilyas, Marco
Elisabeth, Camille, Camille

Study abroad students (front first)
Minttu, Niklas, Inaki, Andi, Vanessa, Jone, Camille (#3), Alina
Maite, Eeva, Marco, Simone, me, Simon



Celeste and Sophie

My Belgian flag

I'll be happy to finally be home, to eat Mexican food, to speak English everywhere, to see my family, etc., but I will definitely miss these guys. And no question I will come back to Europe and visit as soon as I can!

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