Monday, June 3, 2013

Oslo + Family

My cousin Hilary came to Brussels a couple weeks ago, and we flew together to Oslo to visit our Uncle Dag, Aunt Irene, and second-cousins Hanne, Kristine, Torgeir, and Victor. I took about 400 photos, but here are the highlights.
I didn't get any pictures of Kristine, Irene, or Victor, unfortunately, but this is the best of what I did get.

Irene, Dad, Mom, Dag
Polly, me, and Kez

Hilary, Dag, me, Torgeir, and Hanne

Hanne and I on the ferry
Tell me this doesn't make you think of Joel:
verysmall and very angry
Visiting Hanne at her tennis practice

Balancing on the edge of the goal backfired here

Small bridge on the island/fort in Oslofjord

Dag's house

Posing with some WMD's at the fort


I think Hilary was a bad influence...


Trying to act glamorous with my hat and Torgeir's sunglasses

It was too windy though

Typical small dock and rocky coast

With Bente, our aunt

Statue of the last king skiing with his dog

At the ski jump

Trolls are huge in Norway

Northern explorer!

Freezing my way to the North Pole

At the folk museum

Viking ship museum

Nobel peace museum

The fort downtown

There were so many sailboats in the harbor!

The palace

Hanne's soccer game.
She scored twice, even though she was playing defense

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